Spotlight-When ‘Thanks’ Is Not Enough

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say ‘thank you?’-William Arthur Ward



Sometimes we have to take a second out of our busy lives to focus on someone other than ourselves. For a moment we need to show or tell that special someone who we appreciate, what they do for us.

It’s a simple act that only takes two words and less than one minute to say. It’s a show of gratitude and appreciation toward that person for making our lives better in so many ways because of their talent, research or ability to take whatever we need to the next level.

So I’m taking this time to thank the staff at Acclaim Graphics, 908 N. Garvin Street, Evansville, IN 47711 for their great service. From the first day I met them, almost four years ago, they have demonstrated nothing but the utmost respect and concern for my needs. It all started with a business card idea that I presented to them. For an hour and half, they allowed me to camp out in their conference room as I poured over many graphic art books until I found what would be the logo for my new business venture, Writer On the Roadway. I also learned that to make a good impression you need the right tools and so we worked on lettering, card stock and layout of this one small item.

Fast forward to the present. We have built a sense of trust and dare I say, friendship? Joe Birkhead, President, Kelly Birkhead, Vice President and Jeff Wheeler, graphic designer, have partnered and created the next level of my business as an author. The Fat Girls Club logo has become a reality with bookmarks, T-shirts, ink pens, collapsible water bottles, screen wipes and my favorite, the hand gels. It’s fun to see the response from people when I give away these items. It makes my being a writer more credible as they hold something related to the books in their hands.

So today’s Spotlight story is my way to tell the world about the incredible group at Acclaim Graphics and what a joy it is to have them in my life.

Spotlight-I Thought Spring Had Arrived

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”- Proverb

Tree blossoms

Tree blossoms

I just completed another trek across America, west bound to California. Along the way I welcomed the signs of spring as I traveled I-70 until it turned into I-80, one of the longest highways in America. Imagine my surprise when I came across snow-capped mountains and long patches of snow throughout the landscape.

Oh no! Snow!

Oh no! Snow!

When an opportunity presented, I snapped away at any and every sign that spring had arrived. These snapshots of beauty allowed my mind and body to celebrate the joy of things to come. (Photos are those of the author and may not be reproduced without permission.)

Life emerging

Life emerging

Spotlight-Finding Peace

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”-Virginia Woolf

On this Good Friday, I’m taking time to not only reflect but to give thanks for so many things. Of course as you all know, my book, The Fat Girls Cub was released last Wednesday and for that I’m pleased. I’m also thankful for the ability to trek across America to find the usual and unusual. I give thanks for my friends, family members and all those whose paths I’ve crossed along my journeys.

Today’s Spotlight feature goes to Oregon and all its wonderful waterfalls that filled my mind, body and spirit. These photos are one of the reasons I love Oregon so much.


“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its Completion.”-C Northcote Parkinson

It’s so sad to say goodbye but we must. This is the last day of Photography 101 from Blogging University. It has been a great experience and opened the door to some very talented people in my virtual classroom. To the staff, “Thank You.” To those who follow my work or took a peek at my blog, Best To You in your Endeavors. Here’s my last homework page, a wrap-up of my favorites and that of those who commented on my site.



Spotlight-A Sign of Humanity

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the Darkness.”- Desmond Tutu

pwf 057

This week another story touched my heart to the point of tears. This wonderful account appeared on CNN and NBC news.

Asia Ford, a woman who lost over 200 plus pounds struggled during a 10K race. When she reached mile five, she became ill. She was recovering from pneumonia and had not eaten that morning.

Her son, Terrance steeped in and took his mother’s hand to help her but pain and anguish covered her face as she debated quitting. She was already in last place. Lt. Aubrey Gregory, who, touched by this woman’s determination, introduced himself and asked if could help.

Lt. Gregory stayed with Ms. Ford during the last 1.2 miles as they spoke of several subjects to distract her from giving up. The story was a bright spot, a wonderful change from the ugly reports of police and citizens in turmoil. It was a reminder that when all is said and done, we are all human no matter what the uniform says.