Point Sur State Historic Park

“When a traveler goes alone he gets acquainted with himself.”-Liberty Hyde Bailey

Along Big Sur Coast

Along Big Sur Coast

This tour is for any lighthouse lover or person who enjoys a great view.

First, understand that the tour is open only on weekends (Wednesdays, seasonally) and at two times during the day, once during the late morning and then in the early afternoon. My tour started around 2 p.m. Second, this is a guided, three-hour walking tour. A 360 foot rise in elevation that involves one to two flights of stairs. Third, arrive at least 30 minutes early outside the locked gate om Hwy 1 outside an old naval facility. Fourth, take money and/or a credit card with you as you are expected to pay once you reach the end of the tour.DSCN2026
I’ve never had an experience like this one and truly enjoyed it. You are greeted by a park ranger that directs you to travel an unpaved road that leads to the bottom of this large rock where another ranger will instruct you where to park.
The weather can change in this area so dress in layers and pack lightly; water and a few snacks. I used a walking stick. Also, wear a good pair shoes. If the group is large, the rangers will break you up into smaller groups which is helpful for the presentation.
The incline walk is manageable as the rangers lead you up and pause to tell you the history along the way while you gather your breath and shoot photos.
The scenery is breathtaking as you learn about the life of the light keepers, the lighthouse as well as the land around you. With clear skies, a warm sun and sea lions below barking away, I could not have asked for a better unplanned trip.
IMG_2656The lighthouse was under repair during my visit but we were still allowed to go up to the top and even walk outside against the strongest winds I’ve ever felt.
A set of stairs took us to buildings like the blacksmith shop, keepers home, water tower and several other buildings. There was even the jawbone of a young whale on display. Go inside the keepers house and look at the kitchen, sleeping area and other rooms that will bring back memories of appliances, or food packages that use to fill most American homes.
The staff was wonderful, knowledgeable and very kind. This tour was well worth the time and money. For those with disabilities and in need of help, call the park in advance for more information.







Book Review for The Fat Girls Club

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”-Confucius



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Spotlight- It’s No Joke

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”- W. H. Auden

Drought conditions

Drought conditions

It isn’t until you’re faced with a situation that you finally realize that it’s true. Time spent in California has put a face on the water shortage in the state.

While spending time at Lake Oroville Dam, the visual landscape is daunting. To actually see the damage a four-year drought has caused has made me more conscientious about water usage. Before taking a shower, I make it a point to turn on the water right before stepping in. Just like in the days of boot camp, I get in, get it done and get out. If there’s unused water left in my water bottle, I dump it out on plants and not in the street.

Local news stations in parts of Northern California, have television segments called Water Wednesdays, to bring water conservation tips and information to viewers. Homeowners must use mandatory water schedules regarding lawn care or face being fined. Big business are not removed from these restrictions although I have witnessed water meant for grass and gardens being wasted on the sidewalks turning streets into little rivers.

Hopefully water rations are not a part of California’s future. It’s a frightful thought. Imagine, families allowed only so many gallons of liquid blue for drinking, bathing, cooking and washing clothes. What would happen if farmers were given limited water usage for crops? Can you image not eating apples, oranges, grapes, melons or vegetables?

It’s time to take the water shortage seriously. It’s not one group, one race or one families responsiblity. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Spotlight-Now That’s What I Call Service!

“I guess there are never enough books” -John Steinbeck

DSCN1923A visit to a local bookstore, Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino, CA was well worth the trip. I had no idea when I walked through the door of this neighborhood shop, that my day and life would be the better for it. In the quest to find two books, that I could not remember the titles to, the bookstore keepers made great attempts to find them. Terry Young searched through book listings in a reference magazine and partial word search in the computer while Mary Muto scoured the shelves after I gave slight descriptions. Unfortunately, like a detective on a cold case, we had to call it quits.

The best part about Terry and Mary is that while helping me they still maintained the crowd of people who floated in and out of their store. All this with genuine smiles and laughter. And Zoe, thank you for greeting me in a prompt and welcoming manner. So here’s a big high-five to Gallery Bookshop for showing me that customer service is not a word but a sign of genuine action. Oh, the name of those books? Paris He Said by Christine Sneed and My Paris Dream by Kate Betts. (www.gallerybookshop.com)