The road to Monsieur…

In the search for Monsieur, I have traveled to many places far and wide. Let me make one thing clear at the start. Monsieur doesn’t need to be French or of any European background. He could be Brazilian, Aussie, American even African. Heck, Monsieur could even be a Merman! The purpose of this blog is to inform you and keep me on track regarding the places I have gone to seek him out, win his heart and to eventually fall into his arms with a deep sigh. The stories are true, at least, as far as I can remember. The places are real and the events are just as crazy. The  equipment used in this adventure are as follows:

  1. A very large suitcase. (If I find him, I will have to kidnap him)
  2. Airplane, bus or train tickets.
  3. A lot of cash. (You should be a hustler in this business)
  4. A car. (The open road does wonders for your mind as well as a stuffy nose)
  5. Various nets. (We are specializing in big game hunting)
  6. Last but not least, much determination.

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