Do you know the way to K.C.MO.? (Part 1)

The warden turned down my request to visit the Federal Penitentiary. So much for finding my man there. Highway 7 from Leavenworth, KS directed me out-of-town like an unwanted visitor. I have the feeling that my search for Monsieur was a trick and I must admit my mistake and head back into the city. The forty minute drive caused me to work up an appetite. As I pulled into the parking lot of the Waffle House my resolve began to melt. I picked up the local newspaper and scanned the entertainment section. The national production of Dreamgirls was in town playing at the Starlight theater. As my waffle and two eggs scrambled sooth my hunger, I contemplated my evening. Watch another rerun of Law and Order or purchase a ten-dollar ticket and enjoy an evening under the stars?

My hotel was located near 435 North with a quick connect to 71 South in Kansas City, Mo. Signs directed me to my destination as I weaved through a short boulevard and pulled beside a white, 2010 Audi S5. A man turned, and our eyes met. His, so piercing and exciting. Then a, slow, sexy, playful smile came across his face. Before I could utter a word, he pulled off and went through the entrance gates of Swope Park. I began to question why he would visit the zoo so late in the day. My answer came quickly as the Audi dashed in the direction of the theatre. I paid my five dollars for parking and pushed forward to catch up with him. He made a right hand turn as I followed and soon was stopped by the police. I was told that this was the parking lot for cast members, producers and anyone who had anything to do with the production. A special pass was required. Ok, change of plans meant backing up, turning left and parking in the grass. I ran as fast as my size 6 1/2 feet would go heading towards the ticket office. I scoured the area, catching a glimpse of a tall figure carrying  a red and black backpack, making his way towards the ramp leading to the backstage area of the theatre. Could this have been Monsieur?

One thought on “Do you know the way to K.C.MO.? (Part 1)

  1. A good read. Just remember, finding him and falling in love is the fun part. It is all down hill after that. (smile)


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