A hunting we will go (Part 1)

Evansville, IN

Fall Festival, Evansville, INFood and fun

After my year-long trek in Tibet, I re-packed my car and continued the search for Monsieur. The road starts from 35 N from Lenexa, KS, to I-70 E  into St. Louis past the Arch and towards Indiana. The trail ends in Evansville. Why? I have no idea. I had awakened one morning to find a road map that was outlined to this destination stuck between the blade of my wiper and windshield. Evansville is located at the bank of the Ohio River. For three months I remained here while in pursuit of Monsieur. The population as of 2000, was 121,582, so the search for he and the white 2010 A5 Audi should have been easy and yet…

In this space and time, I found out some interesting things. Fall Festival took place the first week of October. It was unusual and fun. Vendors placed the most bizarre foods for purchase to those who are not faint of heart. The famous “brain sandwich” was all the rave. Chocolate covered crickets were another item for the hard-core. I on the other hand, stayed with the safe, tried and true foods like corn on the cob and funnel cake. (It was the best corn I had ever tasted) The only thing I sampled that was not familiar to me was a SKI slush. It’s a lemon-lime type soda.  The locals were polite, fun and informative. On several occasions I was reminded that this is the second largest outdoor event to New Orleans Mardi Gras. Rides and games rounded out the festival.


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