Going on a manhunt

New Harmony

Why do I feel like I’m going through the days of cavemen while searching for Monsieur? A day trip to southern Illinois led me to Shawnee National Forest and finally to the Garden of the Gods. In 3,300 acres of land, I climbed through unusual rock formations just to find my man. Instead of feeling like a woman in love, I felt like a bounty hunter. There is fascination and calm among these rocks as you sense how nature is in control here.  While sitting upon one of these giants, a deep breath escapes me. You gather an appreciation for the pure simplicity of it all. Bluffs that drop 100 feet provide views of below. My day trip turned into more discovery as I crossed a toll bridge back to Indiana, and stumbled across the town of New Harmony.

This utopian community combined the work ethics of the Swabian(Work, work, work! Save, save,save!) with that of the Benedictine rule, (Pray and work). In existence are 25 Harmonist buildings in a central location. Some are part of the tours that are offered, while others are not. New Harmony is on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. They sold the town in January, 1825 to Robert Owen of New Lanark, Scotland. The Harmonists moved to Pennsylvania their final settlement. Robert Owen wanted a more perfect society that consisted of free education without the drive for personal wealth and social classes. You can obtain more information at http://www.newharmony.org

Garden of the Gods/ Shawnee Forest

Garden of the Gods

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