Who’s on first?

While spreading my wings during my manhunt, I decided to take in the sights of Kentucky. With numerous travels to South Carolina, I trekked across the bluegrass state but never had a chance to visit. One of my stops took place at the Louisville Slugger Museum. Here’s the thing, I know nothing about baseball, who’s on 1st or what happens on 2nd. One thing is for sure,  this museum is a must for baseball enthusiasts and those like myself. The tour takes you through the process of making baseball bats. When and how the first bat came about, brings on conflicting stories. No matter who or how it all started, the tradition has been going strong with a little help from modern technology. At the end of the tour you are given a small, souvenir bat.

In 2009, Louisville Slugger celebrated their 125th anniversary. In the gift shop, are an array of T-shirts, jackets and other knickknacks and most of all, bats. The best part is that you can have a one, small or regulation size, personalized with whatever you like (within reason). I had to have one for my manhunt so I could tap Monsieur on the head and drag him away. After all, a girl must do what a girl must do to get her man. (www.sluggermuseum.org)

Louisville Slugger Museum

What are your thoughts?

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