“The Greatest” and more

Before leaving the state of Kentucky, I retraced Monsieur tracks  along Museum Row on Main. I have noticed during my chase, that he loves culture and the discovery of new information. I remember following him to the Frazier Museum during the showing of the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. While passing paintings & inventions I became caught up in the designs, art and words of Leonardo. When I finally turned around, I caught a glimpse of his back when he dashed into an elevator. He turned and smiled just as the doors closed before I could reach him.

Now I was back this time at the Muhammad Ali museum, at 144 N. 6th St. Maybe on this calm day during the week, I could catch him with his guard down. I entered the theatre to watch a short bio film about the then, Cassius Clay. The theatre door opened and I thought, at last, I got him. Disappointment washed over me when another gentleman, not my monsieur, walked in and took a seat. So I settled down and enjoyed the film. Afterwards the fun began while wandering from one room to another reading displays or watching short movies of history of Ali’s early days and his wish to become a boxer. Intermixed with pieces of history, and development of a young man into a man of worth were laid out before you. My favorite item was a real boxing ring that could be viewed from the top floor. Clips of boxing matches with Ali and his challengers, where projected on the floor of it. I felt as though I was in the crowd, cheering and shouting along with the others, but when I looked up, I realized, I was alone. It was only a moment but for that moment it was real. This museum offers a great way to spend an hour or two with the man the call “The Greatest.”

Muhammad Ali Museum


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