The Fringes of Winter (MD. chp. 2)

(12/31/11) New Years Eve day and as usual I am alone with my thoughts, wishes and goals. A drive to Talbot County allows me to temporarily brush away these sad thoughts. A very easy drive without the push of crazy city traffic, is a nice change of pace.

It’s also advisable to keep a coin purse or a stash of bills in the unused ashtray of the car. Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and Sandy Point are tolls of 3 and 4.00 respectively. (If the price has not gone up with the start of the New Year) The last day of the holiday season brought with it temperatures of 50 degrees and sunshine. As I traveled the main road in St. Michaels, charming shops and vestiges of Christmas came into view. Of course I had to stop and look for possible discounted Christmas ornaments for next years tree. (I’m a big collector) The Christmas Shop on 216 Talbot Street satisfied my fix. For the lighthouse lover in me, Flamingo Flats, 100 South Talbot Street, had the best treasure. Wonderful 3-D creations of lighthouses by Donna Elias. I purchased the Hooper Strait Light and Seven Foot Knoll for my collection. The actual Hooper Strait Lighthouse  was closed for repairs. I love off season visits because the pace is slower and people have the time to talk to you, like the gentleman that gave me the inside scoop of the best place to photograph the lighthouse.

Hooper Straight Lighthouse

Another clerk informed me that soon the town would go into hibernation. With a population of only 900 it’s understandable. This was the last of the holiday season and with the current weather, the streets were very busy. I can only imagine what this town is like during the spring and summer. Personally I’m glad I ventured out on the last fringes of the holiday. So here I sit at the Town Dock Restaurant, awaiting my chicken salad on wheat berry bread,  staring out at the water and the red and brown roofed buildings across the way. Crab Claw Restaurant is closed and only a handful of people meander along the piers and the grounds of Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. I’m glad that I chose to make the drive to St. Michaels. It has lessen the unhappiness. I have no idea where Monsieur is but I know he is around. The cat and mouse game has become that of one-upmanship for both of us. My connections, his seemingly spy knowledge. Could it be that he is another Jason Bourne with a touch of Bond? Either way, the chase continues into the New Year.


What are your thoughts?

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