On Broadway (diner that is) (MD. chp.7)

My hangout

When you are on a manhunt, it can make one very hungry. Here in Baltimore, one of my favorite 24 hour eateries to hang out in is The Broadway Diner at 6501 Eastern Ave. This hotspot sits on the corner, bragging it’s existence to all the traffic that goes by. My favorite time to dine and gather my senses or figure out my next plan to find Monsieur, is anytime after 8 p.m.. I enjoy watching the world pass through those silver and glass doors. Young, old, middle class, poor and everyone in between. This is the spot. I stumbled on the diner during a Sunday, my second day in town, around mid-afternoon. The church crowd and football watchers were in the house. I sat at the counter, checking out the atmosphere. The waitress was patient and friendly while making food suggestions from the menu. When they placed my Cajun chicken sandwich with crispy fries before me, I thought I would croak! The portions took up the whole plate. Needless to say, the other half of the sandwich went home with me. The fries on the other hand took a turn down to my stomach.

Broadway Diner has that true feel of a place you can hang out in, even when the male students that sat next to me were bragging with a salty language,  about their escapades the night before. It’s pleasant, clean and smoke-free. I have become partial to their breakfast selection. I switch between the waffle or the broccoli omelette with home fries and wheat toast. Now that I have become a “regular,” the various waitress that I have encountered have all been very good and efficient. In fact I have witnessed the interaction they have with their customers and it remains constant. They are a fun bunch and seem to get along. (If not, they fake it well) Even the busboy/girls in the green T-shirts are just as nice.

Now I’m not the only one who thinks that good food comes from here. Guy Fieri from the show, Diners, Drive In’s and Dives, even taped a show at this location. The proof is in the photo’s and autographed poster displayed at the front counter. One of the pleasant smiles that greet you as you pay out, is the cashier, Seva. Her kindness is genuine. Now that I have become a familiar face and can walk in and go to my regular seat, I also have my favorite waitress, Sonia. When she sees me walk through the door after a rough workday, she holds up a glass and say’s, “Raspberry tea my dear?” My response? “Hit me hard, I need it tonight.” Thanks Broadway Diner. You guys are the greatest.

What are your thoughts?

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