Beehives and Cobblestones (MD chp. 10)

My time in Maryland is beginning to wind down as well as the search for Monsieur and the white Audi S5. I pulled into the town of Hampden, which is outstanding in two ways. First, during all that is Christmas, there is a residential block on 34th Street that charms the night with lights galore. It’s a show of creativity and imagination. Each yard displayed a tree of variety, whether they used hub caps or old record albums. (Does anyone remember those?) As one of the towns websites states, “putting up these lights is truly a labor of love.” The character of the town continues on Main Street or better known as West 36th Street. Fun boutiques and shops provide a bit of this or that unique to the area. Be on the look out for the pink flamingo that adorns Cafe Hon, 1002 West 36th St. While munching on a burger or a slice of pie, you can practice your Bawlmerese. Here are a few words to get you started; baffrum:bathroom, murlin:Maryland, spensive:expensive and tar:tire. For a full weekend of fun in the month of June, you can attend HonFest. Hampdenites celebrate with food and music while decked out in 60’s styled clothes, glasses and beehive hairdo’s.

During my drive back to White Marsh, I took a turn in the wrong direction and went from smooth roads to cobblestones. Fell’s Point was first identified as Long Island Point in 1670, then in 1763, the town Fell’s Point was founded. In 1826 Frederick Douglass came to Fell’s Point and stayed until he escaped to the North and Freedom in 1838. This waterfront colonial era founded town is full of historic buildings, shopping, hotels and dining. During 1992-2001 the NBC television series “Homicide-Life on the Street” was set in the City Pier and Waterfront Hotel Restaurant. Two different parts of town with a touch of flavor in opposite directions. You won’t go wrong whichever way you choose. 


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