Goodbye Maryland and D.C. (MD chp. 14)

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”- William Feather

I have packed and will begin my trek across America to California. Feeling like travelers of the past that moved westward, my car is the modern buck board wagon and I hear the music from the T.V. show, Rawhide. 

“Keep movin’, movin’, movin’, Through they’re disapprovin’, Keep them doggies movin’, Rawhide!”

This entry is a summary of some last-minute finds and fun in Baltimore and D.C. To complete the chapters of Baltimore, Men and Crabs that gave insights into this town, my friends from John Hopkins Bayview Hospital, taught me the art of eating Maryland Blue crabs. The event took place at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, 6526 Holabird Ave. Baltimore, MD. Although the group was small, it was enjoyable. As the steamy, hot creatures were poured on the table, Cheryl Gallion took over as the crab eating instructor. Why did it seem that I was on the Discovery Channel? “If the claws are turned in, it’s a heavy crab….See the difference in claws? It means he was growing a new one. Maybe it got into a fight and lost one.” These were some of the insights she gave as she instructed me to break off this, remove the apron, do this, do that. When it came to some mustard colored stuff on the inside, she wasn’t sure stating there are theories about it. She didn’t care, continued to eat it and proceeded with her teaching. I’ve concluded that the process is barbaric and a lot of work for a chuck of meat. They are tasty especially from the claw but I’ll pay someone else to do the work while I enjoy the pleasure.

Number two on my never can say goodbye list is Fratello’s Pizza, 4117 E. Joppa Rd. Perry Hall, MD. The first week of this discovery was a Wednesday, before the week of my departure. Two slices of pepperoni pizza, made fresh while you wait with a drink is under 5.00. I was so impressed that I returned that Friday for 2 slices of Chicken Alfredo pizza. My new friends, Jacqui(with the middle name of Frost) and Sara suggested that on my next visit to try the Chicken Alfredo dinner. So on Saturday I went for it. The portion size is enough for two people. I ate the leftovers two days later, noting that the flavor was better than the first. Way to go Fratello’s!

In Washington, D.C. a wonderful boutique find is Lou Lou, 950 F Street NW. This small, unpretentious shop, managed by Sarah Scofield, located around the corner from the Ford Theatre is a gem. Besides unique scarfs, purses, jewelry and a little of this and that, there is one thing that sets them apart from others. In the back of the shop is a large screen television that plays old movies, color and black and white. My favorite fashion time period is the 30’s to early 50’s where the importance of being a woman was well-defined. The films selected represent style, beauty and the attitude of the store. You feel as though you want to pull up a chair and enjoy the company of the polite and friendly staff while in my case, the movie, A Street Car Named Desire, played in the background. It’s a good thing they didn’t offer popcorn, I would have been there until the close of business!

The last of my favorite things is Peacock Alley in the beautiful Willard Hotel. During the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, I celebrated the event with the special tea for the season. The area gets two thumbs up for beauty and service. The staff takes pride in what they do executing their duties with professionalism. The hostess and manager are the best around and are great in remembering returning guests. I will miss the savouries and delightful sandwiches on the tiered server. My favorite are the scones, clotted cream and yellow curd.

So there you have it. As I close the car doors, lay out road maps on the passenger seat, and check that everything is loaded, I wave goodbye to Baltimore,  Maryland and Washington, D.C. Thanks for the memories and fun to all the people who I’ve met along the way and I hope to see you again next time around.Packed for the roadLoaded for the road

What are your thoughts?

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