My oh My…Hamburger Mary’s (CA chp.1)

Hamburger Mary

Sometimes a girl has to call it a day when chasing down leads about the whereabouts of Monsieur and the white Audi S5. Hunger begins to take over and all sense of reason goes out the window. That is where Hamburger Mary’s comes in. A statue of a shapely blonde, dressed in a mini dress, fishnet hose and heels while holding a crazy, mad stacked hamburger in her left hand. The restaurant, at 415 N. Palm Canyon Dr., is cool and laid back. You can dine on the patio or inside. Posters that decorate the walls have a common theme, all “Mary” related. The brown wood tables and orange sixties style plastic chairs give a fun relaxed atmosphere. Dance, funk and soft jams play overhead as customers chatter with the staff.

Dave, my waiter, greets me with a welcoming smile while providing a tour of the menu. This place is all about the burger and not the wimpy kind that some places serve up. We are talking half-a-pound big babies that will knock out any doubt of feeling full. The extra twist are the “Wild” burgers that they offer. Try an Ostrich Wild Boy or Texas Antelope burger. They are the only place in the valley to serve these items. Not into burgers? Not a problem, Mary’s offers salads, pizzas, sandwiches and various dinners. Oh, did I forget to mention the deserts? Deep-fried Twinkies, maybe fried bananas with ice cream just to name a couple.

I wimped out and tried the beef sliders on wheat buns, piled with pickles, grilled onions and a secret special Thousand Island dressing. Seasoned fries and a tropical ice tea completed my meal. These were by far the best sliders I’ve tasted in a long time. Don’t be surprised when a red stiletto shoe is placed on your table; it’s just the classy way they present your check.

Hey Girls!

My final grade for Hamburger Mary’s, five stars and a return visit in the near future.

Beef Sliders

What are your thoughts?

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