Tahquitz Canyon & a.k.a Turtleback (CA chp.4)

“The volume of nature is the book of knowledge”-Oliver Goldsmith Citizen of the World

Tahquitz Canyon

For those who follow my posts, understand that I’m a loner, a solo traveler. Since arriving in California, I’ve come across people who have hung around for more than a day or two. One of these is Yolanda, whom I’ve named, a.k.a Turtleback. As seen in the photo, the orange backpack reminds me of a turtle shell and in her case, felt like one. More than once during our uphill climbs in the canyon did I have to give her a hands up, literary.a.k.a Turtleback

Tahquitz Canyon is one of several of the southern canyons listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Palm Springs became the settling place of the Agua Caliente Cahuilla (Kaw-we-ah) Indians. With plenty of natural resources at hand, survival of the tribe became primary. Examples of this lifestyle is seen through the rock art, remnants of the Lebacho-Tahquitz Creek Ditch, a rock shelter and more.

The Canyon Trail is a two-mile loop leading to the falls and back. This 350 foot elevation will be light for serious exerciser and trail hikers. The hidden challenges are the steep, rock steps and narrow passages. Being a member of a tight-rope performing family would be helpful but not necessary during these climbs! The canyon is peaceful and a pleasure to the eye. Take a rest at the waterfall for a snack or a dip in the water to rejuvenate your spirit.

Use the restroom before heading out and stay well hydrated. Dress appropriately for the weather and good shoes are advisable. Canyon Regulations are listed in the Trail Guide as well as descriptions of the sites along the way. Please be respectful of the land.

The Canyon

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