H2O Calling (CA chp.8)


For me, water or better yet a connection to the ocean, is very important. The sound of it is not only soothing but it sends a signal that life exists. Below the  currents, the waves, is a different life. You can view the most magnificent fish with the aid of scuba gear or a specimen that only a microscope can bring into view. Either way it all equals life.

The morning catch


Then there is the visual. Power is in the ebb and flow of the tide. Even nature has it share of show-offs; like the waves that boast of  great heights. “Look at me,” it seems to say as they sweep higher and with intense depth for a surfers delight.

Wayne, the morning surfer


Finally there is the sand. By definition it is described as loose, naturally occurring small particles of decomposed rocks, corals or shells. It provides bulk and strength. All I know is that those finite particles are found in several colors depending where in the world they are.  Various shades of grey, white, tan and even a hazy pink. They are the barriers, the traffic cops of the beach. “Only to here,” they warn the ocean, “and no more.” It provides a place to put our back ends, to rest our bodies, to tan or to make love. It supports us when we stand and cast our eyes to the horizon. Sand holds coolness and heat.

Waking at 5 a.m., long before the sun rises, in search for the ocean is normal for me. I’m not the only one that feels this way as I come across the  fishermen that line the piers, casting their lines before the morning’s light. Speak to the surfers that walk into the waters and swim out to greet an incoming wave. Ask the couple that spent the night buried in blankets along the beach.

Morning walks

On this early morning in Oceanside, CA  along the 3.5 miles of beach, there is life. It is in the people and the sand crabs running past my feet. Most of all it is H2O calling, life within reach.

Along the pier

What are your thoughts?

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