Lila loves Lulu’s


When you enter Lulu California Bistro, 200 S. Palm Canyon Drive, think of Dave Brubeck and his classic tune, Take Five. The clean, light, tasteful colors calm you from the searing Palm Springs heat. The song, “It’s a Love Thing,” by the Whispers, plays overhead while your eye cruises the interior. Split level dining areas take you from a ramped area that leads to one level as a swirl staircase moves you to the next. I’m a sucker for glass to allow light and a sense of space to balance a room. Lulu accomplishes this.

The one item that had me “at hello” were the open, out facing booths. They are a reminder of the days when movie stars wanted to be seen and onlookers loved to view the “who’s who.” Take a look up and notice the ceiling with abstract shapes of color. Chandeliers with yellow and purple casings, adorn the bar area. A generous patio area and chairs with primary colors help set a vibrant color against the high desert seating.

Open Booths

Taste Test

Dropping in on a Monday is a perfect time to try a new restaurant. No crowds, or rushed wait staff. This gave me a chance to relax, sample and enjoy my meal. The dinner was part of a summer special that included three courses; appetizer, main meal and dessert for 15.99 between 3-6 p.m. (17.99 after 6 p.m.) The indicator outside read 102 degrees, my minestrone soup was a delightful comfort. The serving portion proved to be enough and the taste pleasing to the palate.

A Fine Meal

With perfect timing, the waiter served the main course, slices of meatloaf, moist in texture and perfect temperature with mushroom gravy. Yukon mashed potatoes smooth and without a trace of lumps, yellow and green string beans gave the meal a perfect balance. Chocolate cake completed my meal.


Lulu’s is a great spot for gathering with friends, winding down the day or a “no cook” night. They also serve breakfast at eight a.m. with the same great service as dinner. On my return visit I dined on the patio with the view of the canyon and the early morning coolness to greet me. You can’t go wrong with Lulu’s. A hip, cool and oh so good place to just hang for a while.

A Fine Finish


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