The Grass Skirt Affair (chp. 2)

Aloha Tower, Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha Tower, Honolulu, Hawaii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Seize an opportunity every single day.”

After the mad drive to LA and the inevitable security search at the airport, it was finally time to board my Delta flight to Hawaii. At 7 p.m. west coast time the crowd gathers and moves forward from 1st class to economy. As I make my way to the back of the plane, I look at the faces of the men in first class and wonder “could he be monsieur?” After settling into my seat near the window, I prepare for my 5 hour flight across the water to the island of Honolulu. It’s 7:20 and we are floating in the air through the clouds. Their beauty and thickness reminds me of a carpet that you could wiggle your toes in. Even the natural light shines a brightness throughout the cabin, calming me, allowing my mind to relax despite the long flight. I find the screen on the back of the seat headrest giving technical information; 14785 ft. altitude, 606 ground speed, 87 outside air temperature. Reading my favorite book, The Alchemist, and jotting notations in my journal, helps the time pass; 3 hours and 19 minutes to my destination at 8:35 p.m.

We are on the last leg of the flight, 1 hour and 16 minutes before landing. Anxiety builds throughout the cabin as stewardess pass out the Agriculture mandatory declaration forms. Everyone knows that we are almost there and they are ready to get out of the cramped quarters of the plane. With 34 minutes to go, the captain’s voice is overhead, “We have partly cloudy skies…” His voice continues but I don’t hear him as I notice on the television monitor that we have hit the island bullseye. As I look out the window, the beauty of the cities lights blaze through the darkness in the middle of the ocean in the shape of a lobster with a claw reaching out. (OK, maybe I was a tad bit hungry) 9:20 arrival time as we receive a warm “Aloha” from the stewardesses as well as final landing instructions.

My connections had arranged for a warm Hawaiian welcome with a beautiful flower lei placed around my neck and an “air kiss” on the cheeks. After gathering my luggage it was time for a quick bite to eat at Byron’s and then to check into the Pacific Beach Hotel. The search begins in the morning.

Late night eats

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