A Word of Thanks

As I continue to seek love and train for my second half-marathon in the wee hours of the morning (5:45), I need to take a pause to say, Thanks.

Sunset from Ka'annapali, Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Sunset from Ka’annapali, Maui, Hawaiian Islands (Photo credit: Mastery of Maps)

The Hawaiian Islands have many wonderful stretches of beautiful beaches and I enjoy taking advantage of each. In doing so, I learn a lot from nature. Yesterday on the island of Maui in Ma’alaea, I noticed the waves were not as boisterous as in the past few days. It was as if the ocean were tired of proving how tough it could be and decided to take it easy. The waters color appeared steel grey and mean, like a bully that dared to you to step near him. My pace slowed as I prepared to switch gears to begin my run. While placing my ear buds I noticed a lone, medium-sized, cone-shaped seashell. Picking it up, while noticing the pale colors, I whispered a word of thanks. It seemed as if the ocean pushed back just enough to allow me to find the small gem before it moved forward to chase me away from its turf.

During my return trek after completing 3.7 miles in one direction, (7.4 total) I slowed to a walk, removing the ear buds as a gentleman flagged me down near the water’s edge and pointed. “It’s a baby turtle.” he said. “I found it on its’ back and flipped it over. Do you think we ought to pick him up?” I explained that the hatchling had to find his way to the water without aid. The white foam would lead him in. (I experienced a hatchling event at the National Seashore in Texas)

The little guy struggled to move forward, occasionally pausing from the exhausting trek, seeming to want to give up. His neck craned forward and then his pace would quicken. At one point he stopped and would not go any further. I debated whether to pick him up and place him in the water but something stopped me. In a low voice I chanted, “Come on, you can do it, don’t give up.” He pushed up on his flippers, head and neck forward and on he went. Finally, he was close enough that a wave picked him up and I cheered his success as he disappeared, I thought.

The strong current pushed him back on the shore, knocking him into a boulder. I cringed at the site and thought he was a goner. With determination, he flipped over, moved with all the energy he could muster, and caught the next wave never to be seen again. After saying goodbye, I returned to my exercise but chose to walk instead. After replaying the events in my head, I sent another word of thanks that I was able to witness such an event. All those things brought me to this conclusion, appreciation.

I will admit that I’ve had my moment of being a “brat.” When I visit other websites and notice that they have 25-2,000 followers or many hits, the horns of jealousy rears its ugly head. Now I’ve settle down and say “OK, so I may only have 19 followers, but I appreciate each one of them.” I sincerely do because each one found their way to me like that hatchling found the ocean. One of my stories impressed them enough to send a “Like.” So to my 19 I say “Thank you.” “Thank you very much for your support and enjoying what I have to say. I will continue to produce stories that spark something in you.”

Colored locator map for the island of Maui

Colored locator map for the island of Maui (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are your thoughts?

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