Flapjacks,Hotcakes,Pancakes and More (GSA chp.5)


I have a love that will never hinder, the love of pancakes. I’m always on the lookout for the best in them from anywhere at any time of day.  In the October, 2012 issue of Runners Magazine, a featured story about pancakes sparked my attention. In it, a reader mentioned that his fave pancake joint is the Gazebo Restaurant in Lahaina, Hawaii.

After my two-hour training session, (yes I’m preparing for my second half-marathon), it was time to chow down. The Gazebo Restaurant located seven miles from Lahaina at 5315 Lower Honoapilani Rd. It is also ten minutes from Kaanapali Resorts or one mile from the Kapalua Bay Hotel. It is located on Napili Bay.

Although it is small, (after all it is a gazebo), the view of the ocean and shoreline is incredible. The advantage of being a lonely traveler is the ability to snag a table sooner than later. Peering out through the vertical glass slats of the window, the blue water and dark outlines of the coral reefs, soothes the spirit while Island jams drift from the kitchen radio. It is Sunday morning and the crowd is low at the moment, after all, this is first come, first served.

I’ve settled for the Popeye omelet and one pineapple and one banana pancake. I forfeited the toast and potatoes for these delights. I relax and watch my feathered friends fly throughout the building looking for bits and pieces that have fallen from the tables.

Food for the muscles!

My food arrives and I already know half of it will go home with me. As a pancake fanatic, the first thing I check is the coloring, a perfect brown and their height and diameter is just right. They are neither too small nor ridiculously large. The pineapple cake is light and not overly sweet or drenching in pineapple. I have never tried banana pancakes and found them to be pleasing especially with coconut syrup! It is a wonderful flavor balance.

My corner table provided the best view of the surrounding area as well as a chance to step away from the crowd to enjoy the meal and beauty of the land. The staff is very polite, pleasant and by some of the conversations I listened in on, have garnered a few “regulars.” The Gazebo Restaurant is a delightful gem to discover in paradise.

The best breakfast!

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