Services Rendered Shout Out (chp. 3)

“A people free to choose will always choose peace.”-Ronald Reagan


In the town of Makawao, Maui HI, there stands a small treasure. Jewels of the White Tara, 3682 Baldwin Ave., fills you with delight, color and calm.

Eight years ago, Chandra, the owner, met and befriended her future co-partner of her first store, Mandala in Pa’ia. When the relationship ended, she began to look for a new store to heal her lost and broken heart. The new location sat on a hill in Makawao.

Chandra and Malia
Chandra and Malia

Starting over again is rough and this time her business took place in the back of an existing store. Practically hidden, the only entrance to her shop from the main walk way was a gate. With time and patience, the owners of the front of the store gave up their lease, allowing Chandra the chance to occupy the area and grow.

She pulled the store together without any formal business training. “I’ve always been interested in arts and textiles while attending school,” she said. Chandra considered something more mobile and less stressful like jewelry making but found that, “I couldn’t. My heart wanted to work with fabrics.”

My scarfs

My scarfs


The name of the store is derived from many factors. The clothing and items within are jewels but the name, “White Tara” means more. “White is the symbol for purity. Tara is the divine mother in Buddhism. Like most mothers, she is nurturing and protective. She also loves silks and beauty.” Chandra feels that Tara spoke to her during her lowest moments and guided her on this journey of discovery growth.

Jewels of the White Tara offers a soothing atmosphere for your shopping pleasure. The prices are reasonable and the items are unique. Chandra’s shopping trips take her to Indonesia, India, Thailand and Nepal. With the help of her daughter Malia, this store doesn’t disappoint.


So here’s a high-five to Chandra and Jewels of the White Tara. Your kindness and beauty, inside and out, makes you one of my Services Rendered Shout Outs to be remembered.

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