Georgia on my mind…

Paths clear for those who know where they’re going and are determined to get there.”- Anonymous

brunch/partiesThis was a day of goodbyes. Our friend, Georgia is moving on, a fresh start in the New Year. The members of the Kahana dialysis unit held a brunch in her honor. I feel that I can call her my friend because of several things.

brunch/partiesShe showed kindness to me from day one. As a newbie to the island of Maui, Georgia taught me Hawaiian history. She eased me through the transfer from mainland life to that of the island through personal stories.

Her heart was the open door to friendship. When I needed to vent my anger about frustrations at work or the loneliness that hung on my shoulders, she was there. She and the other members of the clinic were my first family, easing me into the life.

So Georgia is on my mind as I say goodbye. Our time shared today allowed for laughter, jokes and downright fun. Take care my friend and Aloha with love.


My baby’s daddy!

What are your thoughts?

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