Oh baby…it’s a Shower!

“People who say they sleep like a baby , usually don’t have one.”-Leo J. Burke



Last Sunday was double party fun. Sadness at saying goodbye to a friend and joy of the unexpected with a new mom. Our co-worker, Elvia, is expecting her second child after a hiatus of a few years. You know the old saying that a woman expecting a child is beautiful? In Elvia’s case, that is so true. In fact she radiates joy and motherhood to the point that I’m jealous!

I think I’m going through a few signs of motherhood. For example, I have a baby bump. Never mind that its abdominal fat left over from my son who is now thirty years old and working as a sou chef. I have also experienced a lot of lower back pain. The doctor thinks that if I lose weight, things will work out just fine.

My bladder has also given me trouble. When Elvia says, “I’ll be right back, the baby is pushing on my bladder,” I find myself heading in the same direction around the same time. And lets not talk about the amount of food that I’m eating. Incredible!

At the babies shower, everyone directed their attention to Elvia for some strange reason. Could it be that she is a tad bit larger than I am which explains her receiving diapers, a stroller, baby clothes and things of that nature? I got nothing. I take that back, I got yelled at to “take my picture over here” or “Lila take our picture please.” I had to work at being the photographer which explains why I didn’t receive any gifts.

Ok, so what she’s having a baby. When it’s my turn, she better take all the pictures while I waddle around giving air kisses to my guests. In the long run, we had fun, with the sun beaming down on us and joy that could rock a cradle. Oops, did I say that? Congrats to you Elvia, and much Aloha to you and your baby love.


What are your thoughts?

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