Services Rendered Shout-Out (chp.4)

Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always intresting.”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The Local Gentry


On the island of Lanai, is a cool, upbeat boutique called, The Local Gentry. Located in the town square at 363 7th St., is a gem of a find. During an early morning browse, I  had scanned the stores’ window displays and could not wait for it to open. There is no disappointment at this store and best of all politeness from the staff. Although Jenna was busy with  a customer she took the time to look my way and say hello, offering help if needed. As anyone knows in today’s market that is a rare occurrence when clerks are too busy gossiping or texting on their phones. The Local Gentry offers not only women’s fashions, but a selection for men and children. Various hats, shoes and jewelry are part of the variety  the store carries.

Jenna Gentry Majkus started as a waitress at the local hotels in Lanai then progressed as a wedding coördinator from 1997-98. For one year, in 1999 she decided to leave the island. Having walked inside a boutique on the mainland, she felt that she could run such a business. She returned to Lanai in December of 1999 with no prior experience in such matters, and dived in and literally learned by the seat of her pants. “I was 26 and stupid” she says of her dare into such an adventure. Her store had been open for two months when she experienced an anxiety attack. “For a half hour I was frantic and then I moved ahead.” She feels that this was the vehicle to get her back to the island. Although the first store was small she began to make a name for herself. In May of 2009, she expanded to a larger building and increased her merchandise. Jenna travels to Honolulu and the mainland for shows to bring back the best in fashion.

So here’s a shout-out to you Jenna. With a bright smile and a warm heart, you have made the Local Gentry a place worth looking for.

What are your thoughts?

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