Services Rendered Shout-Out (chp. 5)

“Men are born to succeed, not to fail”-Henry David Thoreau

OfficeMax workers

Ed and Paul

If I had not seen it for myself, I wouldn’t believe that customer service could still be found even on the island of Maui. This act of kindness started with Edward Parsons, a Ctrlcenter Service Expert at OfficeMax.

At 270 Dairy Rd. in Kahului, HI, Ed greeted and shortly recognized me from a previous appointment a month ago. This subtle gesture made it easier to approach him about the matter involving my laptop computer. The difficulty of trying to open PDF files became frustrating and time-consuming. I also explained some other problems that were also occurring that I related to possibly the new software that tech support had loaded on the prior visit.

I became impressed with the attempt that Edward gave to my situation, not once brushing me off with over the top explanations or excuses. He worked on the system for an hour when a scheduled appointment required his attention. Nervousness began to rise as I figured that I would receive the brush off. Instead he surprised me by calling Paul Mahoe, a certified tech advisor over to take his place.

Ed explained what he had done so far and then stepped away. Paul gave my problem the same attention, explaining what he was doing along the way. Another hour had passed with frustration building as Paul tried to find the problem and me questioning myself, wondering if I had done something wrong with the computer.

Later, Ed rejoined Paul as they worked together like Sherlock Holmes and Watson trying to solve a tough case. I admired their communication and don’t quit attitude. We began to lighten the tension by talking sports, and our adventures on the mainland. Laughter decreased the anxiety in the air and I felt that no matter what, these guys gave it their best shot.

Edward and Paul are true examples of what customer service means in every sense of the word. So here’s a Services Rendered Shout-Out to both of you for being the ‘coolest guys’ on the planet.


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