Services Rendered Shout-Out (chp.7)

“Good leaders must first become good servants”-Robert Greenleaf

workers at Maui Pack and Ship

Danny and Catherine

Have you ever been in need of a notary of public, a place that would handle special shipping or a safe area to pick up your mail? Maui Pack and Ship, 415 Dairy Rd, Suite E in Kahului, HI is just what you need.

On an unsuspecting Saturday morning, I received a phone call that required notarized information right away. Immediately I thought of the bank and assumed that all would be fine. An employee there stated that I had to download a form on my home computer that gave them permission to notarize said documents  and some other foolishness. Why did it have to be so complicated? Frustration sat in as a family member searched for an alternative. My next attempt would be MPS. Not only did they handle everything in a fast and efficient way but they were nice too.

Originally named Mailboxes ect., the store went through several owners before being acquired as an independent store named Maui Pack and Ship. The current owner, Catherine, worked part-time as the manager and in January of this year purchased the company.

Hard at work

Hard at work

Taking a chance

In 1997, Catherine fell into Maui like Alice slipped through the rabbit hole. It was a move that would change her life in the early spring of that year. Friends invited her to visit the island and manage a Bed and Breakfast but the deal fell through between the parties leaving her to figure out her next move. Once hired, she put in a lot of hours at Maui Pack and Ship proving herself to the previous owners. She felt confident that her time would come and eventually it did.

MPS offers the same reliable service the post office does but with a personal feeling. During a recent visit, I noticed how people were treated with a sense of respect. Some people Catherine knew on first name bases as they chatted about their latest projects or trouble with a document that hid itself in the computers cyberspace. Advice and personal attention are given to each customer no matter what the need is. At MPS, it feels like home. As Catherine puts it, “We’re all about customer service. We want to make it as easy as possible.”


With 24 hour access, you can pick up your mail when you have the time. Packaging services such as Fed EX, UPS and  regular postal services are a large part of the business. Besides notary, you have access to faxing, printing and non-mailbox holder services (package receiving for people moving to the island without an address). Shipping services and packaging supplies is just a sample of the long list this customer service team offers.

They are also a supporter of the Maui Food Bank, displaying posters and hosting a barrel for food donations by customers. When venues are announcing concerts and ask for print services for their posters, they will also display the event on their community board.

Showcasing local talent is also a unique quality of the store. Art work by Rob De Camp and Rachel Ray, Hawaiian music produced by Keali’i Reichel. Also Serenity Soaps by Susan and Carol Robertson Maui Chic Art. These products are available for purchase. I sent several postcard coconuts by a very clever and talented teachers assistant whose work is also displayed there.Misc. photos, Maui 026

Lets not forget

To help balance out the warmth and personal feel that you get at the store is Danny , Catherine’s assistant who says “We have worked together for ten years. We’re like family.”

I can attest to everything they say because I have used their services, sat in the store and watched the beehive of movement and seen everything from a letter to huge wood crates that sat in preparation to be sent out. I’ve witness kindness, patience and the fun shared between the two of them.

So here’s my shout-out to Maui Pack and Ship. You not only came to my rescue when I needed you but you did it with ease, professionalism and style.

What are your thoughts?

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