End of the Line (Final Hike)

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.”-Edgar Abbey

group photo

The final hike

The final hike brought on many emotions; joy because I was with my crew and sadness that it would end. Papa bear, the cubs with a new one in tow, Willie (E) heard of our hikes and wanted to join the family on our antics. To end my time in Maui, we took an easy path and chose the bamboo forest as our destination. This is the last of the Sunday morning hikes that brought us together for camaraderie and challenges.

From the small town of Paia we traveled north past high waves and surfers riding the dark blue waters to our left. Soon we reach an obscure opening that I obviously passed on many drives to Hana. Bamboo can grow four feet a day and in a variety of colors. The plant can reach its height and girth in one season of growth. This could lead to a plant one-hundred feet tall and eight inches wide.The forest, located along the Pipiwai trail offered an easy one mile hike.

A short pause

A short pause

To see bamboo in the wild is amazing as you feel its smooth texture and marvel at its heights. We continued through the makeshift trail until we reached a clearing with a small river. My crew being the men that they are, built a boulder path for me to cross to the other side. Later, we located a waterfall, an invitation for Garner to transform into Tarzan, King of the Jungle. After his splash down (without Cheetah) the team moved forward without a clear sense of direction.

Another waterfall greeted us after twenty minutes and we paused for refreshments. Again Garner disappeared up slippery, muddy rocks, and positioned himself as a praying monk. The rest of us posed for pictures, shared food and debated whether to follow our friend or keep our lives. We chose the latter. The esprit-de-corps proved that we enjoy one another’s company.

We finished our trip at Twin Falls, located up the road. But bears being what they are, complained of hunger and a strong desire to eat. To prevent being attacked, I directed them out of the woods and toward the local pizza joint, Flatbread Company, 89 Hana Highway. Although crowded, the wait time was less than twenty minutes when they called us to our table.

The pizzas are prepared in primitive clay and stone ovens with an open kitchen style for viewing. The use of free range meats and organic foods gives the pizza great flavor and a clean taste. With four varieties laid before us, the crew was relentless in devouring them.

All for one and one for all

All for one and one for all

Full stomaches, lots of laughter and a full heart, proves that no matter where I go, we will never forget our times together. (Bamboo information provided by http://completebamboo.com)

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