Services Rendered Shout-Out (chp.8)

“You’re far more likely to regret the things you don’t do than the things you do”-Mark Twain

The Soulful Owner

The Soulful Owner

So you think you have soul but do you know what it is? One definition of soul (by is the emotional part of human nature. Simply Soul on 51 N. Market St., Wailuku, Maui, HI, is a step up by being soulful as well as a Rasta boutique. Everything in the store is locally made while clothing is sold on consignment. Every month she rotates her stock to keep things fresh and within view for the shopper.

Shantal Castillon uses twenty-nine local artists for the items displayed in the glass cases. Sunrise seashell jewelry is very popular and one of her top sellers while sea glass pieces run a close second. Simply Soul carries one of a kind copper and silver pieces. During my visit, I noticed some beautiful orchid pins and earrings made from real flowers giving each item a unique and outstanding beauty.

My interest in the boutique piqued when I noticed the funky and fun slap watches in their display cases. They rocked wild colors and styles while remaining simple in construction. Some pieces are interchangeable so you could have a red buckle band and add a lime green watch face. They also give you replacement batteries with your purchase. (Sweet!)

Colorful wrist art

Colorful wrist art

Shantal says the boutique is her dream come to life. With the help of her fiancé, Simply Soul opened November 2, 2012. She had only three weeks to renovate the present site once the previous owners left the building. During first Fridays, Market Street caters to a lot of foot traffic which gives the store exposure through word of mouth. Her customer base is 60% local and 40% tourists.

So Shantal, here’s a Services Rendered Shout-Out to you for having the hippest, coolest boutique on the strip. Your smile, kindness and determination will keep Simply Soul growing in the right direction.

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