Fun before Books

“Being a child at home alone in the summer is a high-risk occupation. If you call your mother at work thirteen times an hour, she can hurt you.”-Erma Bombeck

Children at play

Aliah & Sir

The high temperatures, humid days and nights and the call of the ice cream man are soon to end. It is August, a time of school supplies, new clothes and for others a new school.

I took some time out to return to my childhood with Aliah and Sir, two family members, to see through their eyes, lazy days in the sun and fits of laughter on crazy carnival rides. The stories will go in-depth on upcoming posts but for now I offer quick bites.

On Friday, our day trip took us to the boyhood home of George Washington Carver, the man known as the creator with 300 uses of the peanut. Located in Diamond, Missouri, this famous scientist and teacher, at an early age, learned to love all that nature could teach him about life.

A Little Ham

A Little Ham

I assisted Aliah and Sir with their Activity Book so that they could be sworn in as Junior Rangers. In the process of helping them, I took a pause from the constant rush of life and enjoyed the nature trail that offered the beauty of moths, butterflies, streams and a simple cabin snuggled between a clearing of trees. The walk, was a peaceful one when Sir was not listening to the echo of his own screams and laughter in the woods.

On Friday, we visited a Marble Factory and then took a last-minute turn to an ongoing carnival. Sir and I ventured out into the sharp, thick grass to partake of only three rides. (Each ride took four tickets, which dollar wise, adds up quickly)His first ride consisted of a bucket type machine that allowed him to turn a wheel and move around in a circle. When the ride actually started, the children swung up and out triggering giggles of laughter all around.

His second choice was a big wave slide with the use of a folded over square of carpet. He marched up the flight of stairs, alone, the carpet placed over his left shoulder and after settling himself in position and a quick wave, down he came all ready to try it again.

At the Marble Factory

At the Marble Factory

The last ride we took together. It looked like an octopus with arms with bucket type swings attached to it. Once the other riders were secured in their seats, away we went; slow at first and then higher and faster until we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer. We laughed, screamed and my stomach got a little queasy, but it hung in until we stopped. I gave him a piggy back ride half way to the car. We paused briefly to choose a free stuffed animal given out by a local thrift store.

These are the memories that will replay in my mind for days to come. For awhile I was not the adult with strict rules but the carefree participant of fun with an understanding that life is much more than work and bills. For awhile it’s about taking time to say thanks and to enjoy so many things that money can’t buy.

What are your thoughts?

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