Cozy Corner Book Review

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or long enough to suit me.”-C.S. Lewis

Characters to care about.
Characters to care about.

To be a writer, you must read a lot. As a result, I’ve decided to host a few books that I find wonderful, fascinating or just down right good, on my website. To the authors of these books, I thank you for expanding my writer’s mind. To those who are readers, I welcome any thoughts or suggestions for other titles that you have enjoyed.

There is something magical about attending a book signing. The ability to meet the person who spent countless hours developing a story that pulls you into a different place and time is unforgettable.

That’s the feeling I had when I attended a book signing held at Rainy Day Books, an independent bookstore at 2706 W. 53rd St, Fairway, KS. I met Tim O’Mara July 17th, as he read from his book, discussed character development, and his path to publication. Although it took him twenty years to write and publish Sacrifice Flythe wait was  well worth it.

His character, Raymond Donne, is a former NYC police officer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. An on the job accident changes Raymond from cop to schoolteacher. There’s an emotional thunderstorm he struggles to resolve.

A baseball phenom by the name of Frankie Rivas, a student of Raymond’s, is about to graduate and head to a private school on a scholarship. When he stops showing up at school, Raymond seeks Frankie out. The stakes are pushed higher when  Frankie’s father is murdered. Now the student and his sister are on the run.

You’ll also meet my favorite character, EMO, Edgar Martinez O’Brien. A bit of a pain in the butt that  later proves himself to be the kind of friend that you can’t do without.

Thumbs up, Tim O’Mara for producing a captivating mystery that was hard to put down.

What are your thoughts?

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