Because of You

Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly”-Toni Robbins

Maui evenings

Maui evenings

To move forward in Life, sometimes you have to humble yourself and take the helping hand of another.

     My cousin, Stewart Johnson, offered a chance for me to promote my book, You Need Love Like I Do, on his every other Thursday radio show. Talk time with Stew is part of Blog Talk Radio ( the largest online talk radio and podcast hosting platform.
     The thirty minute interview was fun and a chance to shine in a different way. The broadcast offered a different avenue to reach listeners who may be readers about my work. This new way of advertising would not have been possible without his help.
So here is my shout-out to my cousin Stewart. Many thanks to you for using your radio platform to help me move forward in my writing goals.
The link to the broadcast is-

Interview with Ms. Lila Johnson – Author of “You Need Love Like I Do”

Right On Time

Listen in on Talk Time with Stew to hear interview with Ms. Lila Johnson author of “You Need Love Like I Do” and a new upcoming book that you’ll have to listen in to hear about.

We’ll see you at 10:00PM – Thursday, April 10, 2014

Check out her blogs:


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