No! Not that button…Pookie!

“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement”-Rita Mae Brown, Alma Mater

     It is through a mistake that we learn our greatest lessons. Indeed, I have learned mine. Friends don’t let friends touch their computers. 

Don't do it!

Don’t do it!

     It’s a harsh thing to say but a necessary one. Almost two weeks ago, I allowed my co-worker, who was visiting at my home, to use my laptop. I will admit that I was a bit uneasy about the idea, but I allowed it. Later that day, she mentioned that I had a lot of pop-ups on my screen. I didn’t really get the jest of what she meant when she said she had tried to clean it up. It wasn’t until later that evening when I turned on my computer and attempted to use my websites that the trouble began. 

    First, there was a broom that pretended to sweep the pages. Then a hand popped up and a knife jutted between the fingers. The screen seemed to have a life of its own as other things appeared and then a big red X with a warning flashed. My stomach cringed when the reality of what she had done came to life. It had been hit with a virus.

    “Not me,” I thought. “I’m just a speck in the cosmos. Not a big wig ball player, movie star, a big name television celebrity nor a computer wiz.” Why did the virus have to hit me, the two-hundred thousandth person on the planet? My second thought was to choke my soon to be ex-co-worker! I raised her name to the heavens wishing a plaque of locusts and bees upon her. In the meantime, I had to get my laptop into the computer hospital right away.

    I researched the internet and found a place that boasted rave reviews about their work. I took it into their store on a Friday and was told that the soonest they could touch it would be Monday. That day came and went without a call, update or that they were running behind schedule. On Tuesday I called the store and was told by one of the guys, “Oh, I was going to work on it today.” In my world, you don’t get another chance to mess up. I picked up my baby (computer) and off we went in search of another healer.

    Thanks to my son, he located a place called Green PC, at 3627 S. 54th St., Tacoma, WA. These are the guys that when you were growing up, always played with the electronic gadgets in the garage, or could beat you at video games. Don’t expect a fancy building or prim pressed uniforms when you arrive at this place. What you will find are some really cool cats, (yes, I went there) with some massive brain power.

     They took baby under their wings, said it will be ready by Friday at the latest as I waved goodbye. She was going under the knife and I was not allowed into the ward. When I returned on Saturday, due to time constraints on my part, they walked over, pulled her off the shelve and handed her back to me. As I turned it on to make sure she wasn’t suffering from shock or memory loss, I also received some computer teaching; what to watch for in terms of virus detection, software to use, etc.

     So to the guys at Green PC I want to send this shout out to you. Thank you for your fast, friendly, reliable and knowledgeable staff. You kept your word and baby and I appreciate it. Because of you I can post my stories and work on my next romance novel without weird things coming after me. You will be the first place I run to with all my computer needs. You proved to me that you are the best.

What are your thoughts?

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