Did You Say Go West? (Chp.1)

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind”

With the sun in my eyes.

With the sun in my eyes.

There is a time when restlessness determines a new direction in one’s life. For me, it this is a constant. The more I feel boxed in, the further I want to fly. So with the washing away of  winter and smell and sounds of spring, it is time to flee.

     This time the road calls for me to move westward and not necessarily to California. This will be an interesting trip as I follow main highway arteries to familiar places and the surprise of something new. I love the path that is less traveled. I find enjoyment in taking a right instead of a left to a town I’ve never heard of before. Sometimes I’m welcomed and other times, well, lets just say I know when its time to leave. As usual, I have packed my bags in advance and hitched up the wagon with food and supplies to parts unknown as I travel westward. The camera batteries have been charged up and ready for photo sharing.

     So sing along with me, “Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long…” (Tom Cochrane)

What are your thoughts?

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