Fly away with me to Paris

“To study in Paris is to be born in Paris.”-Victor Hugo, Les Miserables 

One week, and many hours later, I made a huge attempt to remember Paris. A research project that would only last a week, I had to make the most of what I had in front of me. Paris, France is crazy, wonderful, busy, grey, cool and holds a style and groove all its own.

Paris is more than the Eiffel Tower. It’s a rhythm, a pace and a city worth every inch that you walk. There are people with sexy accents, relationships, museums, café and shops galore. You’ll find the gritty side of Paris in the suburbs as well as the picturesque city.

Weekly, I will showcase a different view of Paris either by story, pictures or both. Bonjour!

I also want to thank Jojo and the crew from the Hillsboro, Oregon dialysis clinic for a delicious send off to ooh la, la Paris!

What are your thoughts?

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