Spotlight-Show a Little Tenderness

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”- Dalai Lama

Softness and beauty

I’m starting a feature called Spotlight. This will be a Friday posting that will touch on a subject, book or conversation piece that gave me reason to pause for a moment. I will make every effort to keep this as a running item. If there’s a posting delay, blame it on my restless travel spirit.

This week a Fox4 Problem Solver story tugged at my heart. It spoke of a single mother, Shamonte Johnson, who got a raw deal from Rick’s Auto Outlet. (see my Facebook and Twitter re-tweets) The 2005 Pacifica that she purchased had 170,000 miles and some hidden problems. Rick Scott said he would repair the car for an extra fee.

The story ends on a happy note due to Victory Chrysler Dodge in K.C.K. They decided to fix the leaking water pump and other problems but found that the engine was also in bad condition. Eric Gentry, the dealership owner, decided that the mother of three young children needed to be safe and traded out the funky used car with a reliable and safe one. Not only did he do this without haggling Ms. Johnson for more money, he and his staff surprised the family with food and toys.

Normally, I half listen to the news while drafting my books but this story made me stop and take notice. Maybe it was the fact that this young woman, raised in foster care, was trying to make a difference for her family. She had finally learned to read and is now trying for her GED so that she can become a nursing assistant.

Maybe it was the wrong that Rick’s Automotive committed.

Maybe, just maybe it was the fact that Eric Gentry showed a stranger that someone cared what happened to her. He also showed the world the heart of a real man.

6 thoughts on “Spotlight-Show a Little Tenderness

  1. That is a wonderful story. In my opinion we hear too little about people being kind to one another and to much about people hurting one and other. Thank you for this story.


  2. What a lovely story. It really draws attention to the two threads of compassion and care for others – the first being to get everyone what they need (a car that works), and the second is that something extra (the gifts). My feeling is that the first is the most important, but it’s less glamorous, and so people prefer to do the second. But both is always best 🙂


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