Spotlight-Now That’s What I Call Service!

“I guess there are never enough books” -John Steinbeck

DSCN1923A visit to a local bookstore, Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino, CA was well worth the trip. I had no idea when I walked through the door of this neighborhood shop, that my day and life would be the better for it. In the quest to find two books, that I could not remember the titles to, the bookstore keepers made great attempts to find them. Terry Young searched through book listings in a reference magazine and partial word search in the computer while Mary Muto scoured the shelves after I gave slight descriptions. Unfortunately, like a detective on a cold case, we had to call it quits.

The best part about Terry and Mary is that while helping me they still maintained the crowd of people who floated in and out of their store. All this with genuine smiles and laughter. And Zoe, thank you for greeting me in a prompt and welcoming manner. So here’s a big high-five to Gallery Bookshop for showing me that customer service is not a word but a sign of genuine action. Oh, the name of those books? Paris He Said by Christine Sneed and My Paris Dream by Kate Betts. (


What are your thoughts?

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