Spotlight- It’s No Joke

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”- W. H. Auden

Drought conditions

Drought conditions

It isn’t until you’re faced with a situation that you finally realize that it’s true. Time spent in California has put a face on the water shortage in the state.

While spending time at Lake Oroville Dam, the visual landscape is daunting. To actually see the damage a four-year drought has caused has made me more conscientious about water usage. Before taking a shower, I make it a point to turn on the water right before stepping in. Just like in the days of boot camp, I get in, get it done and get out. If there’s unused water left in my water bottle, I dump it out on plants and not in the street.

Local news stations in parts of Northern California, have television segments called Water Wednesdays, to bring water conservation tips and information to viewers. Homeowners must use mandatory water schedules regarding lawn care or face being fined. Big business are not removed from these restrictions although I have witnessed water meant for grass and gardens being wasted on the sidewalks turning streets into little rivers.

Hopefully water rations are not a part of California’s future. It’s a frightful thought. Imagine, families allowed only so many gallons of liquid blue for drinking, bathing, cooking and washing clothes. What would happen if farmers were given limited water usage for crops? Can you image not eating apples, oranges, grapes, melons or vegetables?

It’s time to take the water shortage seriously. It’s not one group, one race or one families responsiblity. It’s everyone’s responsibility.


What are your thoughts?

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