Now voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find.” W. Whitman

This is a quote taken from my favorite movie, “Now Voyager”.  The unearthing of a woman who is ugly on the outside but through love, and a determined doctor, she learns to grow and blossom into her own.

"Now, Voyager", 1942 Screencaptures

“Now, Voyager”, 1942 Screencaptures (Photo credit: thefoxling)

Like Charlotte, the character in the movie, I too believe in travel as a wonderful way to take what books have taught us and seek them in life. This website is for those longing for the unusual and informative. The beauty and the “ah” in life.

Just like the old diners of yesteryear that served hot coffee, a cheap meal and a little roadside information, 365 Days of Love, Life & Travel will offer stories, regarding out-of-the-way places or common trips, with a twist. I hope this site triggers the curiosity seeker in you.

"Now, Voyager", 1942, Trailer Screen...

“Now, Voyager”, 1942, Trailer Screencaptures (Photo credit: thefoxling)


What are your thoughts?

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